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Do you need someone to really listen closely to your health issues and help you make progress? 

Are you anxious to avoid the health issues that have affected your Grandparents? Parents? Siblings?

Are you frustrated with your health?

Are you overwhelmed with the endless options of different diets and aren't sure what is the right path for YOU?

Are you tired of feeling sick and tired and just don't know where to go for help? 

Our bodies are talking to us.  Any symptom you are experiencing is your body's way of making you listen up!
Together we will take a holistic look at your health, play detective to identify the root causes of your struggles and develop a comprehensive plan based on your unique situation. Our goal is to nourish you from the inside out and, yes, we will be discussing food but we will also be learning where food meets physiology. You can expect to do deep dives into your digestive function, blood sugar balance, sleep, endocrine/hormone function, liver and detox pathways, immune system optimization, food sensitivities and so much more. Along the way we will be tracking your symptoms and tweaking our plan. We will be taking into consideration that your body works as a symphony, not separate, disconnected organs, and our goal is to tune you up so that your body can FUNCTION as it was intended.
You will leave our sessions empowered and with a concrete action plan that is going to work for YOU. 

I'm here to help.

Functional Nutrition
Initial Assessment/Plan


Image by khloe arledge

3 Sessions - 90 min/60 min/60 min


We will begin by digging deep into your  current situation and health history to try and uncover  clues to lead you towards resolution. You will leave each session with a concrete plan to move your forward in your health journey. If you are unable to commit to 3 sessions we will work together to find a pace that works for you. 

Functional Nutrition Counseling

Image by Monika Grabkowska

60 min session


Let's continue to track symptoms, tweak and make headway toward your optimal health. 

Let's Shop!

Image by Scott Warman

60 min session


Let's shop! We will go to one (or two) of your favorite grocery stores so you can feel confident picking out the healthiest options for you. Learn to read labels, eyeball no-no's and make your future shopping trips more enjoyable.
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