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" Like so many women I know, once I turned 50, I became aware of some significant physical changes - gaining weight, mood swings, and generally feeling blah. My primary care doctor suggested an antidepressant and to do a better job of watching what I ate. This didn't sit well with me. I reached out to Rachel and taking a deep dive into my body/life/habits, she has taught me about good food choices and supplements that work for me and my body. I have been able to lose a lot of weight, eat food that tastes good and also provides needed nutrients, and feel significantly better. As an added bonus, my husband and children are also benefitting and tell me they are feeling better too. It's a win-win."

- "J "

Words truly cannot describe the gratitude I have towards Rachel and her expertise on getting my gut back on track! I was introduced to Rachel from a long time customer and friend. I am approaching 40 very quickly an noticing lots of changes! I have two busy children and a husband. I am a small business owner and have been a hairdresser for 21 years. Going through day to day feeling bloated and irritated and in a lot of pain I decided it was time to see Rachel. In as little as 3 sessions Rachel was able to pinpoint so many things! From tying down some food allergens to finding possible genetic history that could be hindering certain issues. She provided me with awesome cooking tips and some delicious recipes! The amount of knowledge that she has given me already is mind blowing! If you want the right nutrition for YOUR body, this is the woman you need to see! 

- Carli

Woman Unloading Grocery

Upon having my gastrointestinal issues finally diagnosed I found myself overwhelmed with how to help my gut heal. Rachel helped me create an anti-inflammatory diet and taught me to listen to my body when reintroducing foods. She was able to point me to supplements that not only provide support now but long term as well. My only regret is not having found her sooner!

- Adrienne

I am 67 years old and suffer with terrible acid reflux every day for the past 7 years. Living in NYC I have seen some of the best gastroenterologists available but I found the unanimous answer in the medical field was to take a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI.)   I had learned of the dangers of long term PPI use (increased kidney disease, osteoporosis, stroke, amongst other health dangers) and knew they were not for me. I felt stuck and depressed.  I was at a dead end until I had my first consultation with Rachel.  Rachel believes in finding the root of the problem and not masking it with drugs. During my consult, Rachel asked all the right questions about my health, symptoms, diet, lifestyle and even sent me a video to watch and learn about gut health.  Not one of the many doctors I have seen in 7 years offered tools to help educate me.  I am now feeling hopeful about my situation and have a newfound excitement for learning and understanding about foods that make your gut healthy. Thanks to Rachel, I now understand there is no short term fix or magic pill for acid reflux.   Rachel has given me a lifelong health plan that has already shown beneficial results.  I feel very grateful and look forward to being healthy and strong!  Thank you Rachel!


Early in 2023, by the recommendation of a friend who was helped, my wife and I began our friendship with Rachel. Because of her wealth of knowledge and keen research, she has become our functional health coach, our go to, for advice, research, education and encouragement. Rachel has a wise, gracious and caring approach and always invests herself in giving us guidance for whatever health challenges we are facing. If you’re fed up with medicating symptoms and never addressing the root causes, you have landed in the right space and in highly recommended hands.


-Greg and Donna

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